Stucco repairs and consulting

On site assessment and resolution of all finished stucco exterior issues and problems, insurance claims reports and personalized consulting.

Paper and Wiring

Double paper and wire, blue-skin window and door sealing, Edge dam flashing, cornering, plaster stop and control joints.

Conventional Stucco

2 coats of high strength cement plus cement finish with knock down texture and Imasco custom color.

Acrylic Stucco

2 coats of high strength cement with float, synthetic finish with medium sand float and Imasco custom color.

Custom work

Home updates, apartment buildings, garages, sheds, European style pargings/retaining walls, wood/lumber replacement/restorations, fences, partitions, outdoor kitchens, columns, repairs and patches, efflorescence removal, foam battens and trim, chimneys and more.


Foam base installation, Protect J wall sealing or sheathing paper, window and door sealing, edge dam flashing, cornering and control joints. Fiber mesh and synthetic base coat and Acrylic finish with Imasco custom color.

Manufactured Stone Services

We offer stone veneer, pillars and repairs.

Paint Service

We offer paint service on all stucco and brick exteriors