Next Generation Stucco Inc.

Provides full damage assessments and recovery/restoration of damaged building components such as chimneys, decks, roof-lines and window leaks. An improperly installed building envelope (paper and wire) and window sealing/flashing can result in major damages. Water cannot only affect the immediate exterior, but can penetrate into wall cavities and even into the interior of your home, causing very troublesome and costly damages. It is very important to install all phases of stucco properly and by an experienced and trained professional. Definitely not something you want to leave to chance with a crew or workers of inadequate background and understanding of how your exterior works. With over 25 years of experience in Stucco and stucco repair, you can rest assured that Next Generation Stucco Inc. can handle even the most challenging and demanding repair work.

A roof termination is any area where the roof intersects or stops at a vertical wall. These areas can be very problematic with regards to water intrusion from roof runoff.

Roof terminations into chimneys for example often lead to leaks when the roof diverter flashing is improperly installed. Diverter flashing must be extended away from a stucco chimney so that the runoff water can be 'diverted' into the eaves trough. In some cases, a kick out flashing is required to accomplish this, depending on the direction of the slope of the roof.

Often times the eavestrough has been installed before the stucco in many older homes. This provides very little protection if the diverter flashing is incorrect. Constant water exposure will deteriorate the often only single layer of tar-paper over time, eventually leading to leaks.

It is important to consult a stucco professional if you notice a lot of staining around your stucco chimney. This is a telltale sign of an improper roof termination.

Roof/chimney terminations:

Before: Here the roof runoff is directly affecting the corner of the chimney due to improper water diversion. Instead of being diverted into the eaves system it is soaking the wall and staining the stucco. The roof termination is now fixed and the cement application is applied.

After: Finished product after texture and color matching.

Decks and flashing:

Before: Demolitions at base as water was regressing causing damage to the stucco wall.

After: Acrylic finishing to match original color scheme.

Window leaks/replacement:

Before: Windows were inserted here and have begun to leak in heavy rain and wet conditions. A full demolition of the area is needed to open up the envelope which has been compromised by the window installations.

After: Once the area is exposed then the windows undergo a full blue-skin sealing application, along with new edge dam flashing installation and tie in to existing paper envelope.