About Us

About Next generation Stucco Inc.

Next Generation Stucco Inc. is a committed exterior stucco company. By using tried and true traditional stucco techniques with the advantages of modern construction and building systems we can achieve a high standard of service for our customers.
Based in Western Canada no job is too big or too small, from minor repairs to extensive projects. Next Generation Stucco Inc. can provide a multitude of practical options for many exterior issues:

-Moisture control professional assessments
-Wood/lumber replacement/restorations
-Cement and acrylic finishing/repair
-Building enveleope and window, door, chimney and deck sealing
-Warranties available with all our work

All our work is done using the highest quality materials and professional craftsmanship at reasonable rates. Next Generation Stucco Inc. only uses top quality materials from Imasco Minerals Inc.

Q. What is Stucco?

A. Traditional Stucco combines cement with water and inert materials, such as sand and lime, this is then formed into a plaster to cover surfaces and moldings by trowel. Wooden walls are covered in tar paper and galvanized wire/mesh and then the mixture is applied in coats. Stucco has been around for a long time, the concept of using cement in architecture dates back to ancient times. Stucco as a building material is weather resistant, attractive, and a very strong wall covering.

Q. How long does Stucco last?

A. The lifespan of Stucco is hard to describe in years, homes built in the 1900’s still have no problems and have had very little maintenance. With proper installation and application, the Stucco exterior usually outlasts the house.

Q. Does Stucco offer any fire resistance?

A. Cement in nature does not burn, in a fire the furniture inside will combust far before the walls start to be affected. With a thick coating of cement, protecting the vulnerable and structural parts of a house its ability to withstand any disaster is far superior than anything else.

Q. How is Stucco installed?

A. The application of a Stucco exterior comes in three stages:

1. Paper and Wire
2. Base cement coat
3. Finishing cement coat

Q. My Stucco is cracking and is discolored, what can I do?

A. Next Generation Stucco Inc. offers free estimates, call us and we will have a Stucco specialist come and give you an evaluation at your home or place of business.

Q. What are the advantages of Stucco?

A. Choosing Stucco for you exterior has many great benefits:

- Wide color range
- Low maintenance
- Weather resistant
- Non-combustible
- Affordable
- Flexible options
- Long lasting
- Curb appeal
- Sound dampening