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Full Stucco Services

Diagnosis, consultation, and resolution of common exterior stucco repair and issues:

  • Full home exterior stucco reports, Insurance claims/reports, Personalized
  • Consulting, Window/door sealing, Bird hole repairs, Acrylic stucco,
  • Deck/window flashing, Failed cement stucco repair, Failed acrylic stucco
  • Repair, New stucco homes, Match to existing additions, Efflorescence
  • Removal, Moisture/vapor evaluation, Exterior stucco colors matching,
  • Exterior stucco texture matching, Re-coating/updating, Insulated stucco
  • Repairs/systems, Leaks and drainage, Damage assessment, Cost estimate, Spot
  • Patching, Graffiti removal, and Chimney stucco repair.

Restoration and Recovery

Next Generation Stucco Inc.

Provides damage assessment and recovery/restoration of building components such as chimneys, decks, roof terminations and window leaks.

It is very important to install all phases of stucco properly by experienced and trained professionals. An understanding of how your exterior works and is maintained is very important.



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Birds damaging your stucco exterior?

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Why is it important to repair stucco after new windows are installed?

Why should you repair stucco after a new window installation?

When new windows are installed on a stucco home a few things must be taken into consideration. Firstly, many installers use a process called window inserts. They will tell you they can put the window in flush without damage to your stucco, this is not 100 percent true. They may be able to insert the window without damaging the cement but the install process itself cuts the building envelope seal. Since stucco is porous, water can be absorbed by the cement and enter through this now cut paper. Windows on a stucco home must be sealed properly with blue-skin tar membrane and membrane primer. Secondly, insert windows cannot be properly flashed if the stucco around the window is not repaired. This can also lead to leaks. It is best that window installers work in conjunction with stucco professionals to insure the job is done right.

Previous attempt at a color match and stucco is failing and cracking from improper patchwork (above).

New roof/shingle installation? Why you may need to repair your roof line after...

Why you need to replace the stucco along your roof-line?

It is important to consult a stucco professional when a new roof has been installed on a stucco home. Roof flashing's and diverter flashing's at roof terminations must be tied into your existing stucco. This requires a stucco roof-line plaster-top install and repair.

The roof flashing installed by the roofers must be placed underneath the tar paper behind your stucco in order to maintain the integrity of the building envelope. This requires the demolition and stucco repair of about 6-8 inches along your roof-line.

Today's construction standards also call for a plasterstop to be installed along roof flashings, this raises the stucco 2-3 inches away from the roof. This process discourages wicking of moisture and strengthens the termination of the stucco. This also eliminates cracking and crumbling of the stucco along the roofline, which is very common in older stucco homes.
It's is best that a home owner contacts a stucco professional after a roof has been replaced. This ensures that your building envelope is working properly, and your exterior investment is done correctly.

Damage caused by moisture wicking up and crumbling the cement without a proper plaster stop installed originally there is no stucco wall termination preventing this (above).